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About the Show

This is an invitation where remarkable stories of extraordinary chiefs come to life! Here’s what awaits you:

Masterclass Episodes

Immerse in a wealth of knowledge. Each episode offers actionable insights and tools to advance your leadership.

Leadership Lessons

Consider a virtual campus for executive education, where you can unlock the secrets of leadership mastery.

Innovative Practices

Each episode focuses on different themes designed to broaden your perspective for transformative learning.

Leadership Masterminds

Leadership Narratives is a platform dedicated to sparking meaningful conversations about leadership with influential industry leaders to empower aspiring and executive leaders on their journey to success. 

By immersing ourselves in the minds of giants, we discover the secrets behind their exceptional leadership – giving us all access to a rare opportunity to learn directly from the best in the business. 

With diverse perspectives from distinguished leaders across numerous industries, each episode provides thought-provoking discussions as well as tangible guidance that you can apply right away on your journey toward leadership greatness.

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From Software to Strategy: The 4 Stages of Leadership with Kumar Abhishek

Angie Lee sat down with Kumar Abhishek to explore the necessity for leaders to embrace their limitations, as reflected in a transformative read, “Catalyst,” which underscores the interplay of soft skills and serendipity on the journey to success. From the poignant story of Kumar’s upbringing shaping his world view from his life in India to the nuanced stages of leadership—execution, unification, communication, and imagination—we’ll dissect the mastery required to thrive in any area of expertise. Kumar will shed light on his approach to personal and workforce development, his ambitions of influencing future generations, and the values instilled by his parents that guide him in both life and career.

Breaking Barriers: The Impact of Women in Leadership with Marjorie McCarthy

Host Angie Lee sits down with guest Marjorie McCarthy, the Chief Marketing Officer at Unispace. Marjorie shares insights into her leadership journey, starting her career in international relations and global affairs, and her experiences working in a global business environment. From taking significant career risks to navigating complex marketing strategies, Marjorie imparts wisdom on leadership, decision-making, and the importance of authenticity. Join us as we uncover valuable lessons and leadership perspectives from a seasoned industry leader.

Navigating Uncertainty: Industry Leader Michael Kurze’s Unique Approach

Angie Lee interviews Michael Kurze who reveals the core traits he believes every leader should embody—transparency, integrity, and vulnerability. Mike attributes his wisdom to the unplanned pathway of his career, showcasing the importance of learning from unexpected turns and challenges, such as navigating complex bank mergers and regulating crises at Citigroup. Join us as we unpack Michael’s distinctive leadership narrative.

Featured Guests

Luiz Gondim

VP, CIO, Head of Technology - Johnson & Johnson

Stacey Schultz

President - Educate LLC

Will Lukang

Executive Director - UBS Financial

David DellaValle

Senior Director - Adidas

Ronda Bowman

VP of Learning - Stanley Black & Decker

Louis Gretta

Worldwide Head of HR for Global Sales and Americas - Siemens

Michael Kurze

Managing Director - Ernest & Young

Marjorie McCarthy

Chief Marketing Officer - Unispace

Anet Melo

VP, Design Director - Formerly Known As, Publicis Groupe

Kumar Abhishek

Executive Director - JPMorgan Chase

Jackie Cook

US, Canada & LATAM Early Careers Talent Dev Leader - Marsh McLennan

Ashish Patel

Managing Partner - Cerro Capital, former Chief Insights Officer - Group Nine Media/Vox Media

Nash Seshan

Senior Engineering Manager - Wayfair

Ryan Lee

Executive Director, Head of Occupier Services at Cushman & Wakefield Korea

Ryan Gonsalves

Founder & CEO - 2NDWIND

Laura Darrell

Laura Darrell Leadership Consulting

Marcos Lindley

Columbia University - Instructor, Technology

Kevin Soldani

Tape Producer - Amazon Videos

Meet Your Host

Leading the charge as producer and host at Leadership Narratives is Angie Lee. With an impressive repertoire of credentials and a passion for empowering leaders, Angie brings a wealth of expertise to the podcast. 

  • Public Speaking Prodigy: Angie’s exceptional public speaking skills captivate audiences, effortlessly drawing them into the rich conversations. Her ability to connect and engage with guests and listeners alike creates an immersive experience. 
  • Global Leadership Experience: With over 20 years of corporate leadership across diverse industries including finance, nonprofit, and consulting, Angie’s multifaceted journey equips her with a unique perspective on leadership and a rich tapestry of experiences to share.
  • Expertise in Action: Angie’s work as the founder of private network Generational Development showcases her prowess in strategic management, operational improvement, and organizational transformation. Her practical know-how translates into actionable insights for aspiring and seasoned leaders.

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