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In this captivating and engaging episode, host Angie Lee sits down with Rhonda Bowman, a Learning and Development Executive with a rich background in aligning business strategies and driving talent development. Join them as they delve into the power of building successful teams and unlock the secrets to team success. Throughout the conversation, Rhonda shares her insights on the core ingredients of a winning team, the role of leadership in team success, effective team communication, managing conflicts within teams, and promoting continuous learning and skill development. Gain a deeper understanding of how confident leadership is pivotal in motivating and inspiring teams, and discover practical tips for fostering effective communication and nurturing team dynamics. With actionable takeaways and valuable advice for leaders looking to build successful teams, this episode offers real-life instances and invaluable guidance. Tune in to this enlightening discussion and unlock the power of your team with Rhonda Bowman’s masterclass.

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Ronda Bowman is the VP of Learning at Stanley Black & Decker, where she is accountable for leading a global team of L&D experts while delivering learning experiences and solutions impacting an enterprise with 60,000 employees. Prior to Stanley B&D, Ronda held numerous global leadership roles in L&D with a strong focus on sales enablement and readiness to build organizational and leadership capacity for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Preceding her role, Ronda worked in strategic learning roles at AT&T, where she developed the strategy and managed the implementation of learning for new enablement initiatives for AT&T Mobility and VOIP and later represented the L&D function of AT&T during the merger with SBC Communications. Ronda completed an MBA from Strayer University and earned a Bachelor of Science from North Carolina Wesleyan University. When she’s not designing workplace learning strategies, Ronda dedicates time to singing and acting on the stage. 

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